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Recommended Ramen 7: Chuka Soba Asano あさの中華そば

Sasha and I drive down to Karahashi in Minami Ku just to eat at this place on Kujo-dori.Their Chahan fried rice is great too. 懐かしい味です、超美味しい! 中華そば600円お薦めである。ちゃはんもおいしいです。

Home-made garlic in shoyu, a by-product of their dashi stock making. You can put it into the Ramen, or eat it by itself. I did both. 



Chuka soba, not at all heavy, but with depth. あさり系中華そばです。


Great noodles ‘al dente’. 歯応えのある麺。


Sasha in action. she doesn’t like this picture but I think she looks cute. Sashaはかわいいでしょう!(本人はこの写真きらいみたいよ~)


中華そば あさの

TEL 075-661-2490

住所 京都府京都市南区唐橋堂ノ前町49

営業時間 11:00~22:00

定休日 金曜日

Chuka Soba Asano

TEL 075-661-2490

Kyoto Shi, Minami Ku, Karahashi Donomae Cho 49

Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm

Closed Friday

Map is here:


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