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Archive for April 4, 2009

Birkin 7 in Hokkaido バーキンタイム

This is what I do in my spare time. When I am not eating noodles.

室町砂場 日本橋本店 Lunch Earlier This Week @ ’The Sandpit’ in Nihonbashi, Tokyo

Sunaba was the first Soba shop to serve tempura soba, apparently. Before them, the buckwheat noodles and the tempura were served separately. The Sunaba ‘tsuyu’ sauce is unusually smoky and strong. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it personally.




Dashimaki is pretty damn good too.

Recommended Ramen 5 The Best Ramen in the World? 世界一激美味らーめん 西浅草の来集軒

My favourite, in Nishi Asakusa, Tokyo. Raishuken. 懐かしいの味です。ちじり麺最高!


Recommended Ramen 4 京平さんの博多らーめん Eating Hakata Ramen at Kyohei

これも美味しいだんべ~!My friend Yuko said that I look like a cat eating a mouse. 猫が獲物をたべる顔ですて!