Musings from Kyoto Japan, mostly on Mushrooms, Food, Travel and the like

Some of the Pictures lying around my House 最近見家でつけった絵


サー・エドワード・コーリー・バーン=ジョーンズ(Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, 1833年8月28日 – 1898年6月17日)は、イギリスの美術家。ラファエル前派と密接な関係を持つデザイナーで、ラファエル前派をイギリス画壇の主流に押し上げた。同時に、自身も数々の精巧で美しい芸術作品を作り上げた。

These are from a Christies’ auction catalogue, and are by Edward Burne-Jones, the pre-Raphaelite mate of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and William Morris. He was also Rudyard Kipling’s uncle.




The ‘woman carrying her pug’, and sitting under the bird-filled tree with him is the socialite Olive Maxse. Here is his rather more flattering portrait of her:



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