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写真展セレクション 欲望をかき立てもの?!

These are just a few of the images I have on show at the gallery. To whet your appetite… I have two photographs on the wall, many more on the ‘display table’, and around 800 showing on DVD (if I succesfully set it up this evening, that is!). All these pictures were shot on B&W film. The first, using a Seagull medium-format camera (; the remaining three using a big, beautiful, very heavy Mamiya C220. (Find them here: The Aomori rail line shot was on Konica infra-red B&W film.


ロンパリ美人! 東京、神楽坂、1996. I took this when I was staying in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, in the mid-Nineties.


南インドであった若い紳士. I met this gentle boy in Varakala, Kerala State, India. He had come to visit the famed Hindu shrine there, with his grandmother. Exactly what he thought about me is hard to say. I definitely felt his gentleness.



They asked me for money every day. Sometimes I gave them something, sometimes not. I have always been very inconsistent in that situation, yet I can’t seem to find a ‘policy’ for giving – or not – that always feels appropriate.

They accepted money with grace. And when I didn’t give, they didn’t appear resentful either. This was also taken in Varkala.


The Train Long Gone. 電車が行ちゃったぞ~! 青森県、下北半島.


BTW, where are we going? And, where again is it that we came from..?

Arf. And yes, Yuko-chan, you were right. That is the sea on the horizon.




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