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Archive for March 18, 2009

Recommended Ramen 1 ラーメン華芳

I have visited, I believe, all the ‘famous’ ramen shops in Kyoto, and many others besides. I will list up some of my favourites on this site.

Yesterday I returned to an old favourite, Ramen Kaho. It’s on Nijo-dori, next to Nijo Jusco. I like this place for lunch. The soup is ‘asari-kei’, light but with depth. They use a lot of ginger in the stock, methinks, and I like the noodles too – ‘Shina Soba’ style.




Tel 075-761-7910

営業時間 11:00~18:00(LO)

定休日 木曜日


The couple who run Kaho are very friendly, and it’s inexpensive too.