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Me, Gazzer and BB . Tbe Goon, the Pretender, and the King

B.B King says “You are hot tonight, young man”, to Gary Moore, and this ensues:

Don’t get much better than this.


BTW, some years ago, in the bowels of Yokohama Arena, I met B.B King (backstage at a U2 gig; thanks forever for that, Lucy). He walked down a long fluorescent-lit corridor, flanked by three ladies of his own build and general demeanour. As he came near me I felt I had to say something. It was just the five of us there, you understand, in that long, antiseptic blue-white space.

I said “Mr King, I really respect your music”.

He said ‘Thankyou young man”.

And off he and his three escorts went.

Ye Gods…

In this vid, I especially like it when BB looks at the keyboard player to see if Gary Moore is going to back down, and it becomes clearly evident that the yout got balls AND ability, and they have a fight on their hands.

Big cred to BB for being a gracious king.

Big cred to Gary Moore for being that good.


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