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Here’s my article on S.Pellegrino’s ‘Best Restaurant in Asia’ for Destinasian

I hope you can read this OK.Nariswa

Thanks to Narisawa-san’s remarkable generosity I sampled ALL of the below in a feast which lasted around three hours, an incredible experience. These are my pics:

Narisawa ASH 2009 Ika_0122

Squid, succulent and sublime

Narisawa Evolve with the Forest_0203

‘Evolve with the Forest’

Narisawa Fugu 2_0065


Narisawa Horse Crab 2_0017

Horse Crab Gelée

Narisawa Langoustine 2_0168


Narisawa Rockfish 2_0212

Rockfish, oh boy

Narisawa Soil Soup_0255

The legendary ‘Soil Soup’. Yes, it is made from soil, from atop a Nagano mountain, no less

Narisawa OKINAWA 2_0047

Pork, Okinawan style, in a dashi of konbu and seasnake. It was awesome.

Narisawa Winter Spring_0326


Narisawa Hida Beef & Charcoal 3_0041

Hida Beef in charcoal. Yes, you eat the charcoal too.

Narisawa Oyster Baked in Charcoal_0236

Oyster baked in, you guessed it, charcoal

Narisawa Suppon_0001

Suppon, snapping turtle

Narisawa Koshu Sake 2_0038

Koshu, aged sake, reminded me of Armagnac

Narisawa Yoshihiro 3_0118

Il Maestro, Yoshiro Narisawa


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