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India Food File ある一日の食事

Writing this at The Manor, a boutique hotel in one of Delhi’s wealthy, southern suburbs. The air is full of birdsong and car horns, and it’s a cool 18 degrees, almost chilly after the heat of Kerala. As ever, the food has been a highlight of the trip, though S and I both agree that the standard was universally higher on our last visit to India. Sorry Kerala, too much adulteration for the tourists, and attendant complacency. Though there were some outstanding exceptions – notably the Old Lighthouse Bristow Hotel in Kochi & some of the dishes at the Fragrant Nature resort in Kollam – Tamil Nadu wins hands down. Here’s a ‘Day in the Life’ snapshot of my Kerala repasts – details below in Japanese and English.



左上~右下:朝ご飯:プトゥ[ココナッツごはん]とひよこ豆「カダラ」カレー;お昼ご飯:野菜カレ「ジャルフレージ」と五目炒飯。ウエイターのJobyにインド料理と中国料理!と怪訝そうに例の頭振りジェスチャーをされる。 おやつ:カレー風味野菜かき揚げ(インゲン/人参/ピーマン)と『スペシャル・ティー』ビール;晩ご飯:魚(ジャンバリと言う生節ぽいやつ)のステーキとレモンライス添え

Top L to Bottom R: Breakafast, Kadala Chickpea Curry with Putu, a steamed mix of coconut and rice; Lunch, Vegetable Jalfrezi with Mixed Fried Rice (‘Indian and Chinese!’ exclaimed the waiter, Mr Joby, with much head wobbling); Tiffin, Vegetable Pakora and ‘Special Tea’; Dinner, Fillet of Jambali Fish (Sea Bass?).

Here’s my article on S.Pellegrino’s ‘Best Restaurant in Asia’ for Destinasian

I hope you can read this OK.Nariswa

Thanks to Narisawa-san’s remarkable generosity I sampled ALL of the below in a feast which lasted around three hours, an incredible experience. These are my pics:

Narisawa ASH 2009 Ika_0122

Squid, succulent and sublime

Narisawa Evolve with the Forest_0203

‘Evolve with the Forest’

Narisawa Fugu 2_0065


Narisawa Horse Crab 2_0017

Horse Crab Gelée

Narisawa Langoustine 2_0168


Narisawa Rockfish 2_0212

Rockfish, oh boy

Narisawa Soil Soup_0255

The legendary ‘Soil Soup’. Yes, it is made from soil, from atop a Nagano mountain, no less

Narisawa OKINAWA 2_0047

Pork, Okinawan style, in a dashi of konbu and seasnake. It was awesome.

Narisawa Winter Spring_0326


Narisawa Hida Beef & Charcoal 3_0041

Hida Beef in charcoal. Yes, you eat the charcoal too.

Narisawa Oyster Baked in Charcoal_0236

Oyster baked in, you guessed it, charcoal

Narisawa Suppon_0001

Suppon, snapping turtle

Narisawa Koshu Sake 2_0038

Koshu, aged sake, reminded me of Armagnac

Narisawa Yoshihiro 3_0118

Il Maestro, Yoshiro Narisawa


My New – Old – Wheels


A link to My Story in the Wall Street Journal Asian Edition yesterday

Hope you enjoy it. About the new developments in Osaka’s Kita-Umeda.

26_04_2013_023 Investing in Osaka WSJA

26_04_2013_023 Investing in Osaka WSJA

Sasha’s Home-made Pickles & her Cheese with Fresh Dill: Awesome!

She’s practising for her new cafe, and I am enjoying every minute of it!




女子アルバイト募集 京都市左京区修学院 European-style Cafe seeking オープン・スタッフ

Interested yourself? Know someone who might be? Get in touch. Interviews will be scheduled soon.

If anyone would care to come to a Photo Exhibit in Kyoto (and one or two parties), this Saturday, please feel free…

It is a low key affair. If you come to the Pot Luck party (4pm to 7pm), please bring along a tangerine or something.

Hope to see you there.


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