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A link to My Story in the Wall Street Journal Asian Edition yesterday

Hope you enjoy it. About the new developments in Osaka’s Kita-Umeda.

26_04_2013_023 Investing in Osaka WSJA

26_04_2013_023 Investing in Osaka WSJA


Sasha’s Home-made Pickles & her Cheese with Fresh Dill: Awesome!

She’s practising for her new cafe, and I am enjoying every minute of it!




女子アルバイト募集 京都市左京区修学院 European-style Cafe seeking オープン・スタッフ

Interested yourself? Know someone who might be? Get in touch. Interviews will be scheduled soon.

If anyone would care to come to a Photo Exhibit in Kyoto (and one or two parties), this Saturday, please feel free…

It is a low key affair. If you come to the Pot Luck party (4pm to 7pm), please bring along a tangerine or something.

Hope to see you there.

京都市左京区 カフェアルバイト募集!Cool cafe coming soon!

京都市左京区修学院 cafe Foodelica アルバイト募集中

Suzuno Soba in Gifu City

Yesterday Sasha and I drove up to Gifu in the Jag to a Soba shop that I discovered earlier this year. Happy to report it is still great.


Takenoko bamboo aemono  w/Sansho






Mori Soba


Inaka Soba


Sobagohan Rice


Kurozato Black Sugar Pudding

Total cost was 2300 yen per person. Worth every penny.

On Tsukiji Fish Market, for Qantas’ In-flight Magazine’s Website

Hope you enjoy this piece I wrote recently for ‘The Australian Way’.

Includes Dennis Hopper’s favourite sushi shop. Bloomin’ good it is too. The sushi shop, I mean. Photos are by me too.

My Wall Street Journal pieces on Osaka

Here’s a link to the columns that I wrote for the March 19th, 2012 issue. 3 pages in all. Please enjoy. (You’ll need to click on the hyperlink rather than the image).

Regular Customers

Lisa B and mum at Caffe Dell’ Orso