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11th Hour Entry to Tour de France to Offend Purists, Thrill Fans?

The following is the roster for the late entry wildcard team:

Legumes d’Or – STD

241 KRUGER, Jorg-Herbert


243 PRYK, Zygmund

244 BELLENDO, Danilo

245 VERUKKA, Ignasti



248 BALLEPOINT, Christian

249 GOONE, Danny

The late wildcard entry for the Schleswig-Holstein based Legumes d’Or-STD team has raised eyebrows at this year’s Tour de France, but the last-minute arrivals are hoping to garner a few stage victories, and perhaps even get their team leader, veteran pro Jorg-Herbert Kruger onto the podium in Paris on July 24th. The team mixes experience and new talent. Super-domestique Zygmund Pryk will provide support for Kruger when the going gets tough, whilst Italian sprinter Danilo Bellendo and the Danish one-day specialist Gregor Hoffenhaffen will both hope for stage wins. Expect the Basque Ignasti Verukka to try to impress when the race hits his native Pyrenees in the second week of July. Finally, keep an eye out for the young Australian sprinting sensation from New South Wales, Danny Goone.

Legumes d’Or-STD is led by former Czech national road-race champion Pavel Njiipel. The always controversial directeur sportif, when asked to assess his team’s chances, said “We are a fantastic mixture of the old and the new. We are like a cordial of drugs. Wham! Bam! Anything can happen in this race. Today we are Gina Lollobrigida, tomorrow we are Osama Bin Laden. That is the Tour de France”. (Agence de Presse-FOL, Paris, June 26th2011. Relisez avec grande prudence, svp).

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