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アシュバーン家と車の40年歴史 Ashburnes and Cars, 40 Years of Grease and, er, Glory


お父さんと愛車のジャガー 1968年頃

Photo by John Ashburne, aged 7

Dad and the Jaguar, one early winter morning around 1968. The upholstery was red leather and the dashboard was made of walnut. I remember it well. My dad and my brother Steve used to race it in point-to-point rallies, on the public roads of North Yorkshire. Dad drove and Steve navigated, until one day they changed seats, and won. Thereafter my brother was the driver.

Steve once tested a Ford GT40 on the A1, an old Roman road that runs through North Yorkshire, and got it up to 200mph! That is two-and-a-half times the maximum speed limit. It was at 6am, and there were far fewer vehicles on the road in the late 1960s (and, in fact, only the one GTO), but it still is quite an impressive, er, feat.

ジャガー・2.4リッター(Mk2)です。最高出力は5500rpmで133bhpと飛躍的に向上している. (0-80km/h)で9秒. 自動車の制御パネル (ダッシュボード)はくるみの木、シートは赤い皮です。美車だ!



Ford GT40

I didn’t pass my driving test until I was forty years old. However, I did once buy a car for fifty pounds, and persuaded my friend Jon C to drive it from Gloucester to Bradford. It died after less than 20 miles, and Jon had to dispose of the body. I was in the Caribbean at the time. It was one of these:


A Lotus Cortina (this one being driven by the legendary Jim Clark)



これが幻のそのロータス コルティナだ。

Still, I got my Lotus in the end. でもやっと私の最愛のロータスが来ました!


Here are some other Ashburne vehicles:


Dad’s Sunbeam Rapier Fastback was also turquoise like this one.父Jackのサンビームもこの色でした。はでですね~!


Steve drove a red Spridget convertible. 兄Steveのスプリッジェットも真っ赤かでした。

Steve also had a Sunbeam Rapier, akin to this one (below).



And he drove a BMW! Well, a BMW like this one: an Isetta. It too was red. 兄SteveのBMWも赤いでした。本当にこれはBMWですよ。BMW・イセッタです。


Here’s me standing in front of it outside 98 Mandale Road, Bradford, some time around 1964.




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