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ハムレットの21世紀らーめんジレンマ Hamlet’s 21st Century Ramen Dilemma

Just in case you thought all I do every day is eat ramen. Oh no! I is cultured, me… 私はらーめん食いしん坊だけではないぞ~! わしは文学者だんべ~!

今日授業でわたしの生徒達がこの作品について議論しました。まあ、はじめて見る生徒ばっかりですけど、生徒はどっちの方が好きかな~? Today my students were discussing these two DVDs. We’ve only just started studying them, but I am interested to see which one they will prefer in the end, Kenneth Branagh’s from 1996, or Sir Lawrence Olivier’s from 1948. I think I’ve got a fair idea…



所でこれはローレンス・オリヴィエの「ハムレット」のほぼ冒頭のシーンです。エルシノア城です。何か渋いだな~!By the way, this is near-as-dammit the opening scene of Olivier’s ‘Hamlet’. It is how he imagined Elsinore castle. Cool or wot?


「ハムレット」と「らーめん」」? ん、考えてみると、そういえばこれら二つを結び付けると… どうなるでしょうか? こういう感じかな~?

Come to think of it, what would happen when you combine “Hamlet’ and ‘Ramen’? Something along these lines I guess.

Hamlet, in great inner turmoil, cries out: “To be in the left one or be in the right one? That is the question”



FYI, these are the two great rival ramen shops at Takabashi near Kyoto Station. On the left is the original Dai-ichi Asahi. On the right is the original Shimpukusaikan. Which do you prefer? Hamlet would never be able to choose.




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  1. aaronpc

    An umeboshi in the broth of miso nature,Forward, not permanent, sweet, not lasting,The perfume and suppliance of a ramen ―No more.

    May 8, 2009 at 5:45 am

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