Musings from Kyoto Japan, mostly on Mushrooms, Food, Travel and the like

Recommended Ramen 6: Tengu’s Chuka Soba 天狗食堂の中華そば


電話 非公開


営業時間 10時~16時

定休日 火曜日

Tengu Shokudo in Moto-Tanaka, facing on to Higashioji-Dori (across from Didi’s) has to have the best value for money Chuka Soba in Kyoto. Just 450 yen, and it rocks. No matter how often I eat this, I never get bored of it. Sign of good work, methinks. 中華そば450円です。美味しくて超お買い得品だぞ~!何回も食べてもぜんぜん飽きません。天狗食堂の料理人はええ仕事するだんべ~!



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