Musings from Kyoto Japan, mostly on Mushrooms, Food, Travel and the like

タイの宗教的な図像も面白いですね! Bluefish Elephantfish


Who would have thought elephants could swim like this?

In Bangkok, in one of the alleyways that runs parallel with Khaosan Road. I have photographed this wall a number of times over the years, watching it slowly change.

Alas not all the change has been for the better. The scrawled graffiti on the photo below means ‘the Great Japanese’…

Not Japan’s finest moment, I feel.

私は何年前からこの壁の写真を撮っています。だんだん壁がかわりました。残念、あまり良くないかわることもありました。☹ 自分も日本永住しますので、ちょっと恥ずかしいです。下写真参照。



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