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Recommended Ramen 3 京都で一番過小評価されたラーメン屋!




TEL 075-211-5700


営業時間 11:00~20:00

定休日 土祝

My wife and I both agree without shadow of a doubt that Kyohei is Kyoto’s most underrated ramen shop. It is on Teramachi-dori, on the east side, one block north of the Shiyakusho city hall, and just South of the Teramachi-Nijo junction. Look for the huge yellow Chochin lantern outside. Unusually, all four types of ramen on sale here are as good as each other: the Shoyu, Miso, Charshiu and Hakata. I usually have the Miso and Sash has Shoyu.


Apparently this place used to be packed with City Hall workers who would sneak in during working hours, but since the local govt fired workers for too much ‘saboru’-ing, Kyohei has been hit hard. Which is a shame, because it’s far better than so many of the ‘famous Kyoto ramen shops’ which regularly feature in the local media.


Talking of the media, who is that strange-looking gaijin bloke slurping noodles whose picture is on the wall above the counter?






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