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肉カレーうどん Johnnobi’s Curry Udon Ranking: Kyoto Top Three

Bronze Medal: 麺所 みや古



電話 075-771-4905

営業時間 11:00~16:00・17:00~20:00

定休日 火曜日

Very spicy and good value for money. Miyako is a few doors along from the Pig and Whistle, on Sanjo Street. コストパーフォーマンスがいい。辛いです!

Silver Medal: 天狗食堂

電話 非公開


営業時間 10時~16時

定休日 火曜日

Tengu Shokudo in Moto-Tanaka, facing on to Higashioji-Dori (across from Didi’s) has been a favourite for years. Good value and great Niku Curry Udon. It is very popular with the locals, so often closes before 4pm as it sells out. Their Chuka Soba and Nabeyaki Udon are also both highly recommended.

Gold Medal: 日の出うどん


電話 075-751-9251

営業時間 11:00~17:00

定休日 日曜

Duly famous, Hinode Udon is in Sakyo Ku, just a little North of Eikando Temple. It’s curry udon is in a league of its own, hence the gold medal position. It is a little pricier than Tengu and Miyako, but still not outrageous. The only problem is that during the tourist season it is often difficult to get a seat. The special Chuka Soba Curry is also highly recommended.






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