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Recomended Ramen 2 博多っ子らーめん

これは美味いだんべ~!九州らーめん 650 yen. 胡椒とごまと自家製からし高菜と紅ショウガ27本と食べてね。

This is gutsy Kyushu-style ramen at Hakatakko on Shimogamo Hondori. Highly recommended unless you happen to be on a diet. I believe they put lard into the broth. Whatever they do, it tastes great. And the owners are very friendly too.


I’ve visited the ‘famous’ ramen shops in Fukuoka/Hakata, including Ichiran (awful) and the ‘Ramen Gekijo Theatre’ at Genei (don’t believe the hype, but do check out the unintentionally funny YouTube clip at, yet I think Hakatakko is far better than anything I could find in North Kyushu. Their Yasai Ramen is v. tasty too.


tel 075-722-2654


営業時間 11:00~14:00 17:00~01:00

定休日 月曜日 





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