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大昔から持っている愛車 Mi Old Wheels: New Wheels Comin’ Soon


It’s a trek Y-22 carbon-fibre stealth bomber. Much fun has been had on this machine, not least the first-ever off-road descent of Mount Hiei, and my never-to-be-forgotton cryptomeria face-plant.

Should you so wish, try to unearth this tome and read my story ‘High on Hiei’:


I was somewhat mad back then, but not THIS mad:

Having catapulted himself over the Tour De France peleton, Dave Watson wiped out somewhat spectacularly, emerging with a ‘separated shoulder’ and ‘severely bruised groin’. Full story here:

Now time to return to my cycling roots. This my new girl. About to arrive soon. Hope she comes with handlebars and a seat. My days of bruised groins are surely over.



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